Blue Red Gradient


Increase enrollment, retention, revenue, by advancing equity focused programs, processes, and policies for Adults, Military, and post-traditional learning

College Campus

We work with higher education institutions and non-profit organization to review, assess, and revise existing processes and policies. Through strategic planning consulting, our clients are able to increase enrollment and retention resulting in greater revenue and maximal organizational efficiency assisting post-traditional learning.


Execute a needs assessment and campus survey of existing structures and processes to support non-traditional, professional, and military-affiliated students.


Strategic planning to align academic programming with Enrollment Services and Academic Advising to support non-traditional, professional, and military-affiliated students.

Off-Campus Offerings

Designing campus offerings and services tailored to support non-traditional, professional, and military-affiliated students.


Develop revised policies and processes to promote institutional effectiveness and program sustainability

Areas of Expertise:

Comprehensive alignment of academic Curricula with Enrollment Services and Academic Advising


Credit transfer maximization through Guided Pathways inspired advising and degree planning, dual enrollment, and seamless transfer agreements.


Prior Learning Assessment (PLA), Alternative Digital Credentialing (Badges), and Stackable Credentials Certificates.

Examples of Success:

Bloomfield College.jpg

Review of Education Department Enrollment & PRAXIS CORE Pass rates. Provided comprehensive, community-based strategies to significantly increase PRAXIS CORE pass rates and expand BIPOC teacher preparation participation.


Seamless transfer agreement


Military-affiliated student programming