Our Clients:

Higher Education Institutions

and Non-Profit Organizations  

       Our Services:

1. Strategic Planning and Academic Program Review:

Our consultants provide colleges and universities with Strategic Solutions to address Enrollment and Funding Challenges.

Services provided:

  • Process review to identify growth opportunities for enrollment and revenue generation. 

  • Increase student enrollment through creating Workforce Development and Internship Opportunities.

  • Provide Expertise in Seamless Transfer Credit Transfer and Dual Enrollment partnerships. 

  • Special Expertise:  Adoption of Prior Learning Assessment (PLA), Credit by Evaluation (CBE) and Career & Technical Education (CTE) Apprenticeship  Opportunities.

2. Subject Matter Expert: 

Services provided:

  • Online Curriculum Development - Subject Matter Expert:  Our Consultants assist in transfer and adapt existing course material and programs to fully online course delivery.

  • LMS expertise in Black Board, CANVAS and Moodle development and content creation.

3. Conference Panelist and Speaker:

AJC Education Advocacy Consultants are available to support academic institutions and community organizations in public outreach and professional development efforts to increase brand awareness and generate revenue.

Services provided:

  • Serve as Panelist and Event Speaker

  • Lead Professional Development Institutes

  • Host Leadership Seminars

  • Areas of Expertise:

  • Higher Education Innovation: Advantages of CTE Programming &  PLA Credit Acceptance

  • Leadership Development - Motivational Speaker

  • History: Military History, American History & Topics in Civic Education, and Women's History.

Booking is made easy:

Just make a selection from one of the 3 Plan Options Below:

Be sure to ask about a complimentary 30 Minute Consultation!

  • Enrollment Solutions Academic Planning Education Equity Strategies

    1 hr

    $99 and up
  • Course Content Adaptation to Online Learning

    1 hr

  • Speaker & Conference Panelist Professional Development Facilitator

    1 hr