Anna J Cooper Education Advocacy Consultants, LLC:

About Dr. Warren


Professional Expertise:

Dr. Warren's professional experience includes service as  faculty, department chair and Academic Dean at SUNY  and Hudson County Community College, Saint Peter's University and Centenary University.


She has been successful in developing effective process innovations and academic programming  solutions for higher education institutions.


Dr. Warren regularly serves as a grant writer and manager, having  secured millions of dollars in Federal and State funding for colleges and non-profit institutions.  


As a published author and higher education advocate, Dr. Warren routinely serves as a subject matter expert and conference organizer and panelist.


Key areas of policy advocacy and review:


- Non-Traditional Learning Success Strategies

- Credit Transfer Maximization

- Process and Policy Efficiency Improvement

- Academic Excellence Programming



Dr. Warren was graduated with honors from the University of Maryland/European Division with a B.A. and holds two Master's degrees and a Ph.D. in Intellectual History from Drew University in Madison, NJ. Additionally, she also completed a M.S. from Capella University in Higher Education Leadership & Administration.

And … we have a destiny to fulfill and as men and women must be about our Father’s business

Anna Julia Cooper, Ph.D. 

About Mr. Harris

James E. Harris holds a Master of Arts Degree in Student Personnel Services from Montclair State University and another Master of Arts Degree in Public Administration from New York University. Mr. Harris received a certificate in Counseling from Harvard University, and has taken additional course work at New York University. He is a retired Major from the New Jersey Army National Guard.


Mr. Harris recently retired from the position of Associate Dean of Students and University Ombudsman at Montclair State University, where he supervised various student activities.  


 James E. Harris is President of the New Jersey Association of Black Educators (NJABE).  He is active on several Boards including the New Jersey Amistad Commission. 


Luisa U., Jersey City, NJ

Dr. Warren will always be my "dear professor." Learning about American Government and Elections with her was my favorite class.  She really cares about her students.

Jerry, T. NYC

As the organizer and MC of our annual scholarly conference, Dr. Warren was  a model of organizational efficiency, and brought valuable context and insight into the topic .

Gregory, E. Lakewood, NY

Dr. Warren has an imprressive  knowledge and understanding of History and Philosophy